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Emerging Technologies: Quaeris

Everyone I’ve met in the analytics industry has the same goals: we need ‘actionable insights’, and we need them now. Our expectations from the data we store have grown exponentially in the past few years, but our business intelligence tools have largely stayed the same. 

According to HBR’s “The New Decision Makers” 87% of survey respondents say their organization will be more successful when people are equipped to make instant decisions based on the data. How can you turn around on a dashboard instantly?

The current BI tools space is dominated by dashboards – which are not only unwieldy to manage but also overloaded with information. For an executive, looking through a five-tab report for their KPIs is a waste of time; and attending weekly updates via PowerPoint-led Zoom calls is not a perfect solution either.

See the power of Quaeris in action

But when we examine the processes that lead to these elusive ‘actionable insights’, the solution is evident, and the concept behind it has been evolving in the background for the past few years. In the same way Augmented Reality cropped up overnight, natural language processing models have been quietly improved upon in the past few years – and they are about to hit the mainstream. According to the Gartner impact radar below, transformer-based natural language models are coming up in a big way in the next few years.




Quaeris lives in this natural language space, and we are part of the recent boom in Natural Language business intelligence tools. Our goal is to put your data in plain English and empower executives, sales teams, and everyone in between to lead their own data discovery journey. Using a patented (and very complex) neural network, Quaeris learns the SQL housing your data and can understand how to convert your questions into query language. Basically, if you can think of a question to ask, Quaeris can answer with your data.

To highlight the ease of using Quaeris on your data, I took up a dataset we all know and love: my 2021 history of Spotify streaming data. Stay tuned as I take you on my own data discovery journey through Quaeris.