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Reducing BI Costs and Maintenance with Quaeris

Understanding Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence (BI) is the process of transforming raw data into meaningful insights to make informed business decisions. BI tools help businesses understand their market, customers, and operations better by providing them with actionable insights derived from their data. However, traditional BI tools come with their own set of challenges. 

In the world of data-driven decision-making, Business Intelligence (BI) tools have become a cornerstone for businesses. However, the cost and maintenance associated with traditional BI tools can be a significant burden. Quaeris, a Generative AI-driven platform, offers a revolutionary solution to these challenges, providing instant insights and reducing costs and maintenance. 

The promise and reality of BI

BI tools and platforms are meant for business users and are so is their promise that BI will ‘enable and empower decision making’. However, in reality, BI tools have become ‘of the analyst, by the analyst and for the analyst’. Nothing wrong with, there is a need for analyst tools. However, the question, we have tried to answer are: 

  • Why is there not a solution for business users? 
  • Can there be a solution that fits different business user persons? 
  • Can there be a solution that is as intuitive to use as an iPhone? 
  • Can we get this solution at a TCO that is 1/10th that of traditional/old BI? 


The High Cost of Traditional BI Tools 

Initial Investment and Adoption 

The initial investment for traditional BI tools is significant. It includes not only the cost of the software but also the infrastructure required to support it. Additionally, the adoption process can be lengthy and complex, requiring extensive training for employees to effectively use the tool. 

Real cost of BI in in People 

Traditional/old BI tools require a team of data proficient personnel to manage and operate them.  Hiring and retaining such talent is expensive and challenging. These data professionals are expensive, even from offshore providers. Bottomline is that as long as a technology is people-dependent, it will never scale to becoming main-stream. 

Dependence on IT Teams for on-going maintenance and development

It is not just about building out the initial analyses and dashboards – every time you need slightest of the change, a new question to be answered, you have to keep going back to the BI/IT teams. This is expensive, this is time-consuming and delays the answers at the time of need.  

As a Result
As a result, business people have not incorporated data in their ‘day-in-life' - they do not intuitively reach out to look at data before making their decisions – they do not often validate their decisions with data either. This has lead to poor adoption of data, poor value out of data and a broad-based dis-satisfaction with data initiatives. 

What will a modern Business Intelligence solution look like?

Intuitive and simple. That’s what a good, modern BI solutions should be. A solution that is intuitive will help remove barriers to adoption. A solution that is simple and easy to use will have sustained utilization. 

At Quaeris we are keenly aware of this and have built a solution that promises to be super easy to adopt and use and hides away the complexity of technology.  

Generative-AI generates Insights, not people: 

At the core of Quaeris is its Generative AI technology. This advanced AI takes a dramatically different approach and instead of using brute-force to analyze vast amounts of data, it focuses on ‘how to get the right questions answered quickly’. Unlike old/traditional BI tools that require people, Quaeris provides businesses with the insights instantly, significantly speeding up tactical decision-making at the point of use. By reducing dependence on people, Quaeris promises to save 50-70% of cost of ownership of your BI solution.  

Did you say, save 50-90% of Cost? 

Since Quaeris is micro-services based, we can meter the usage by API calls. This means, we can granularly track the usage and charge you accordingly. Imagine, if your electric utility was not able to track consumption of electricity in your household, and made you pay a flat charge based on number of people in your home?  

Pricing Quaeris based on consumption brings down the cost of ownership down further. So, if your CMO needs a license, but used Quaeris only ten times in a year, all you pay is a few pennies instead of 100s of dollars.   

Zero Maintenance: more time analyzing: 

One of the standout features of Quaeris is its zero-maintenance requirement. First, in a SaaS model, the platform is fully managed, and you access the solution via a browser or mobile app. Secondly, once the ‘model’ is deployed, you never have to ‘create a new chart/graph’ or analysis. AI does that work for you and you always have fresh insights, whenever, wherever.  

Seamless Integration with All Data Sources 

Quaeris can integrate seamlessly with over 350 applications and to any structured database, providing businesses with a unified view of their data. This eliminates the need for complex data management processes and ensures that businesses always have access to the most up-to-date and accurate insights. 

Rapid Adoption 

Quaeris is designed for ease of adoption. It's so intuitive that you can onboard a team of 100+ within a day. This rapid adoption means businesses can start benefiting from the powerful features of Quaeris almost immediately, without the need for extensive training or a lengthy implementation process. 

Secure and Private 

Quaeris is designed with security and privacy at its core. It offers a more secure and private solution than most of the BI platforms, ensuring businesses can trust in the safety of their data. Read more about our security architecture on our web-site. 

In conclusion, Quaeris is not just just another BI tool—it is a comprehensive solution that addresses the challenges of cost, maintenance, and data proficiency associated with traditional BI tools. By providing instant insights through Generative AI, simplifying maintenance, and offering features like Embedded Analytics and Self-Service BI, Quaeris is truly revolutionizing the world of business intelligence.